Solid Fiber

Solid fiber products offer versatility and durability, which are designed to be stronger and more moisture resistant than corrugated packaging and as a cost savings replacement for packaging materials such as wood, rubber, plastic or styrofoam.

  • Tier sheets_400x400
    TigerFiber Tier Sheets

    TigerFiber? Tier Sheets, Solid fiber tier sheets are the modern, durable replacement for chipboard separators typically used in the manufacture of glass or plastic containers and cans.

  • Mail tray
    TigerFiber Custom Containers

    TigerFiber? Custom Containers, International Paper has specialty converting equipment and design support teams to provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Slip sheets_400x400
    TigerFiber Slip Sheets

    TigerFiber? Slip Sheets a lighter, less expensive and more efficient alternative to the wood pallets they replace.

  • Pallet Cap_400x400
    TigerFiber Pallet Caps

    TigerFiber? Pallet Caps, used to cover a unitized load of product so that a second load can be stacked on top of it.